Holiday Book Fear Event !

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December 2016 I returned to Haverhill Mass to participate in the local Haverhill library Book Fear event organized by John MacLiven.

I gave away a Kindle Fire via raffle to one lucky library goer who filled it up with The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales e Book from Cemetery Dance as well as selections from the other authors.

Did I mention there were cookies?

I read part of Music of the Spheres from The Night Marchers.

This event was a great way to wrap up 2016 !

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Night Time Logic. Nov 30th 2016

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Nov 30th 2016.

I hosted authors Douglas Wynne and John Langan as part of the Night Time Logic event series.

John and Doug read from their works at NYCs Lovecraft Bar !

ntl nov 30 2ntl nov 30

October 2016 Appearance in Haverhill, MA library event.

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On October 22, 2016 I participated in a great library event run by author Christopher Golden in Haverhill, MA.October was a very busy month of appearances.

Thanks to author Tony Tremblay for the first photo !

I was delighted to spend some time with talented authors and just fantastic people such as Douglass Wynn, Bracken MacCloud, and Craig Shaw Gardner. Thanks to them and to John MacLevin, James Moore and the entire roster for making a New Yorker feel welcome at the event.

I participated in a panel discussion moderated by Bracken MacCloud on the subject of modern monsters. I’m not pictured in the photo as I am taking it. It was an excellent and insightful discussion with creators Josh Malerman, Izzy Lee, Rio Yours, Bracken MacCloud and myself. I knew the panel was going to be great when the first question dealt with my recent favorite movie, It Follows. The event and all the panels were very well attended.

My friend, author Rudi Dornemann presented me with a Godzilla gift as a belated present for the launch of the Night Marchers !

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Oh the Horror ! I hosted a HIP Lit Halloween Salon

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Halloween weekend 2016 I hosted the HIP spooky salon Oh the Horror !

The event changed to a space called the Muse last minute but what a great venue. The space is a performance-rehearsal space for aerialists and we did all we could to keep authors Nick Kaufmann and John Langan on the ground !

Musical guest Janna Pelle brought the New York vibed music ! Chandler brought her dinosaur hat ! It was a great Halloween thanks to the founders of the HIP LIT salon ! The musical aspect and wide reaching interests of the founders make HIP Lit my favorite literary salon in a city packed full of them !

Chandler, John, Nick, and I read bits of our scary stories for the HIP Lit audience!


Morbid Anatomy Halloween 2016

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Picture 1. (second from bottom)  Life without Morbid Anatomy Museum.

Picture 2. (bottom )  Life with Morbid Anatomy Museum.

October 2016. I participated in a reading of local horror writers in author Tonya Hurley’s annual event .

I was lucky enough to hear horror legend Jack Ketchum read along with Tonya Hurley, Lisa Manetti and others !

I read my short story Red Lights from my forthcoming collection The Wish Mechanics Stories of the Strange and Fantastic due out in 2017 from Independent Legions publishing.

I gave permission for a writing organization to use the video of my reading as part of a promotional video they are creating about the night. I will update when I hear anything further about the video and audio of that performance.

This post is updated to reflect that Morbid Anatomy has closed its doors. I was there at the tail end of the Krampus party when the sign was posted in the window and there when the board members were packing up. Morbid Anatomy was a central hub for so many great communities that I was grateful to have been introduced to. Thank you and RIP. Awaiting news of the resurrection.

I posted what photos I had. A lot of photos were taken that night but none of me reading. These are much more interesting !MA H 2016 1MA H 2016 2MA h 2016 3MA HH 6 2016MA HH 2016 4MA HH 2016 5


morbid anatomy 2016 halloweenmorbid anatomy halloween part two 2016

Photos from Yeti Tiger Dragon launch at Morbid Anatomy

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I don’t have many photos from the night. I’m very happy to have this one with artist Emily Mintz. Emily did the cover art and the three interior illustrations for the book. I purchased three wonderful prints she made of the interior illustrations.

I posted the images of the promotional materials for the event. And of Yeti Tiger Dragon… kitty.

If you have any other photos from the night please send them to me or post / share them on Facebook or Twitter. The night was very busy and the month after was very busy so these are the only images I have.

dan emily at MA 2016

Appearance at New York Comic Con 2016

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I signed copies of The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales at the Javitz Center for New York Comic Con 2016.

A local writing organization had a table spot for me for two short, designated time slots. The booth was crowded and chaotic but it was worth it for the opportunity to get to talk to fans of pop-culture and fiction. This happened the afternoon right after the Yeti Tiger Dragon launch. It was a great thing to meet people who had picked up both Yeti Tiger Dragon and the Night Marchers from the Museum.

Jason Sileo and I took in some of the Comic Con fun that weekend. We also spread the word about the Cemetery Dance E Book edition of the Night Marchers by handing out cards and talking to fans of horror and strange fiction.

I wanted to collect a whole album of No-Face photos !

Jason and I capped off the weekend by catching a great concert by the band Warpaint. There we encountered the void-twin of one of our well known author friends. We haven’t had the guts to tell him about said encounter. Maybe it was really him or her at Warpaint. Maybe a double from beyond…

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