Nightscript 4 celebration. October 3, 2018

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My October Schedule

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Tuesday Sept 25th 2018.

I am hosting Night Time Logic at KGB Bar in NYC.

NTL Sept

Wednesday October 3rd 2018

A strange and darksome evening. Readings from Nightscript 4

I am reading with Farah Rose Smith at 11th Street Bar in NYC to celebrate the launch of C.M. Mullers Nightscript 4 anthology


October 4th 2018 to October 7th 2018

I will be at New York Comic Con at the Javitz Center representing both Night Time Logic and my latest collection The Wish Mechanics. ( Here’s a shot of how I decorated my last badge. )

nycc 2016 66

Saturday October 27th 2018

Providence Rhode Island

I will be one of the readers in the Arcade Asylum Author Series- Halloween Editon

At the Lovecraft Arts and Sciences in Providence.


Three Honorable Mentions in 2017’s Year’s Best Horror

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Three of my short stories published in 2017 were included in Ellen Datlow’s list of honorable mentions in her annual Year’s Best Horror Anthology.

The stories are:

Braum, Daniel “Palankar,” Nightscript III.
Braum, Daniel “The Fourth Bell,” The Beauty of Death volume II.
Braum, Daniel “This Is the Sound of Your Dreams Dying,” The Wish Mechanics.

I always recommend this yearly book both as a gateway for new readers and as a consistent excellent read for veteran readers. Thank you to Ellen Datlow for including three of my short stories on the list.

I am honored to receive this recognition.


“The World Works in Strange Ways” A Review of the Night Marchers from Notes from an Eclectic Reader

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“…Braum’s stories are atypical in that there is hardly any traditional horror trope utilized: no gore, blood or spilled guts; violence and sexuality is generally described in subtle tones. His is “quiet” horror which is not to imply that Braum’s stories aren’t unsettling. It is the fantastical and highly original images Braum carefully crafts in his stories which seizes and holds the reader’s attention and imagination. What also makes Braum’s stories engaging is the restrained but ever-present throb beneath his various enigmatic fantasies of a pulsing tenderness and care for humanity. Readers are bound to enjoy all the tales in The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales as there isn’t a weak story among them…”

You can read the full review by Dan Studer over at Notes From An Eclectic Reader

Night Time Logic Fall 2018 coming September 25, 2018

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Details at the event page here.

Strange Tales at The Great All Nighter

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Review of The Wish Mechanics from the Grim Reader

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Reviews of the Wish Mechanics are still coming in.