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The Wild Rumpus has begun !

Posted in Blood, Movies, Stories I like on October 22, 2009 by bloodandstardust

It is no secret I’ve been awaiting this movie for a long time.  One review I read noted that this movie was more a movie about being a child than it is a movie for children. I’m inclined to agree. I certainly enjoyed the movie but I haven’t yet heard any feedback from youngsters.  Although I love the book I’m glad they didn’t try to illustrate the 338 words with film and instead took the concept in a fresh direction. Clocking in at 338 words should be an inspiration to all my flash fiction writing friends out there ! 


Posted in Blood on October 10, 2009 by bloodandstardust

The best thing about the end of the world is no more status updates, “George is getting ready for the weekend!” 


The world can end at anytime. So always remember Rule 32.

I found it interesting how this movie was orignally pitched as a Television series. I think remnants of this episodic nature remained in the film in a way that worked. Keeping this spoiler free, so go out, don’t forget Rule 1 and Rule 4 and enjoy.

Realms into the realm of no-more.

Posted in Blood on January 28, 2009 by bloodandstardust

Realms of Fantasy

Tough times for the spec-fic market. FnsF cutting back.  The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror ceasing publication. And now the news that Realms is to be no more

Sending out wishes to the spirits of luck and printing presses that a particular story that is near and dear to me has made it into the last issue.

The Missing Website

Posted in Blood on January 13, 2009 by bloodandstardust

I figured it was time for one of these since my website has gone missing.

Hopefully I shall find it soon with a tale of where websites go when they disappear, because the truth probably isn’t as interesting.

Or we shall rebuild it, * cue bionic man and woman 70’s theme music and sound effect *