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Above the Buried City in Shivers 8

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Cemetery Dance Publications has announced the eighth entry in their award-nominated and best-selling anthology series, Shivers VIII edited by Richard Chizmar.

My short story Above the Buried City appears alongside fiction from many of today’s most popular authors of horror and suspense including Stephen King, Laird Barron, Jack Ketchum, Jack Dann, Brian James Freeman, Norman Prentiss, and many other authors!

Of special note: “Squad D” by Stephen King, which was originally written in the 1970s for a famous anthology that was never published, and the story itself has been locked away in Stephen King’s office ever since. It appears for the first time ever in Shivers VIII!

Thanks and much gratitude to Richard Chizmar and his team at Cemetery Dance for including me in this special project !

The book is only available from Cemetery Dance Publications. In addition to the affordable trade paperback edition for general readers, available now, the volume will also be published as a signed Limited Edition hardcover and a signed and traycased Lettered Edition hardcover, both of which will signed by the editor for the collectors!

Meet a murdered socialite from New York’s art and culture scene. A dead prisoner convicted for the crime. A trader in black market antiquities from Central America. And the man driven to solve the mysteries in a crime and caper that is more than meets the eye in the short story Above the Buried City by Daniel Braum



Conversation with Inna Effress on “Palankar”

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Back in November in preparation for the panel and reading at Lovecraft Bar NYC I had the opportunity to speak with Inna Effress about our stories in Nightscript 3. If you scroll down you can see the part of the conversation about Inna’s story “Liquid Air.”

Here are the questions Inna asked me about “Palankar”


INNA: “I was wrong about her. Like I was wrong about Mara. What else have I been wrong about?” I’m interested in the chasm you describe while the brothers dive in the Palankar reef. No light penetrates. The abyss is unfathomable. Your story presents Jake with difficult choices at every turn, and as things get stranger and stranger, it seems he’s less and less sure of himself, of where the other characters fit into his notions of the natural world, and of what path it is he’ll follow, in the end. Do  you think it’s possible for a human to ever truly know him or herself?

DANIEL: I think it is possible. Perhaps it is our yearning and the individual paths we follow to make meaning of our lives that define us. Or maybe just our actions in doing so. I like to think that Jake while unsure of how things are “adding up” around him becomes sure of himself or at least chooses a path at the the end. While he remains unsure if anything supernatural has transpired and if so, what, he is sure that it no longer matters and does decide that he will not follow his brother. Despite his efforts and desire to rescue him from either himself or from any supernatural influence he is sure he can not “save” his brother or anyone. I think in life people struggle with what it is they know or think they know but are defined by these moments of clarity or just choice as evidenced by definitive actions.

INNA: When Mara leads Jake on the search for his brother, the characters they encounter are classified as either clownfish or anemone. Then roles are changed as Jake’s perception shifts. Tell us about this disturbance in the order of things and how perception affects reality.

DANIEL: I am glad that you asked about that moment in the story. Jake very notably in the story had been judgemental of Mara a young woman who lives a very different life and kind of life than Jake. Both Mara and Stephen made different choices than Jake, so different than Jakes “American-suburban-life” he can barely comprehened of “perceive” what their world view is and how they fit in. The concept of “rescuing” someone is very judgemental even demeaning through this lens. The moment you speak of is where Jake comes to recognize an inherent “power” in Mara, while perhaps nothing overtly “supernatural” his instincts are flaring in recognition of “something”. This is a powerful moment where he realizes he has been wrong about her. To that point his attitudes and actions towards her were portrayed as ugly and demeaning. It is a moment of an epiphany a moment of respect. While Jake (and the reader) never comes to understand what is going on- I like to think moments like this are in-roads to greater understanding of both the magic and mystery of our human lives and greater understandings and mysteries larger than ourselves, individually and collectively.

INNA: There is a monstrous, otherworldy creature who emerges from the the depths of a cave and mirrors the shape of the brother, but the ghostly being is unclothed. Do you consider that our natural state is something beastly and alluring, that’s lurking beneath the surface and waiting for the opportunity to take over, if we let it?

DANIEL: That is a cool way of looking at that scene and a thoughtful question, thank you. It is also very interesting that you “come down” on the side as interpreting what transpired as something “otherworldy” and definitively a creature. My intent in that scene is to portray something that could be a figment of nitrogen narcosis experienced from troubles on a dive or could also be something supernatural depending on how any given reader interprets what is presented.


Going with the notion that a monster does indeed replace Stephen, I think you have enunciated a very potent notion. In life there is the “world of the submerged” in our selves, in others, and in general layers of the world and mechanication that are there and operating beyond our reach for many reasons both earlty and even other-worldly. In fiction the monster- the supernatural- the other is a potent way to explore these things. Certainly something I’m interested in writing about and reading about. I’m not sure if “the beastly” is our natural state or even if our “submerged selves” or any “submerged world” is waiting to take over… but it certainly is potent avenue of inquiry. I think both as individuals and as a society repressing or not embracing to a degree “the darkness” or shadow as sometimes referred to leads to complications even outright problems.  Our world is a world of light and dark- both literally and “figuratively” so it makes sense that these concepts would be part of the natural way. While the “beastly” might not naturally be waiting to take over- nature abhors a vacuum and perhaps the beastly or the darkness is waiting for some sort of equal air time- in our lives and all of our lives. Could so much of the ugliness we see today be a part of this? Certainly something to think about. I really like that you posed the question.


You can read both of our stories in the anthology Nightscript 3. All three volumes of the anthology series in the Kindle format were on sale last time I checked and might still be on sale now. In any event the book can be found on amazon and from the publisher.

Palankar in Nightscript 3

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My short story Palankar was published in the anthology Nightscript Volume 3 on October 1, 2017

More about the story and the book to follow.

Photos from Yeti Tiger Dragon launch at Morbid Anatomy

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I don’t have many photos from the night. I’m very happy to have this one with artist Emily Mintz. Emily did the cover art and the three interior illustrations for the book. I purchased three wonderful prints she made of the interior illustrations.

I posted the images of the promotional materials for the event. And of Yeti Tiger Dragon… kitty.

If you have any other photos from the night please send them to me or post / share them on Facebook or Twitter. The night was very busy and the month after was very busy so these are the only images I have.

dan emily at MA 2016

Yeti Tiger Dragon sells out in five days.

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October 10, 2016.

Yeti Tiger Dragon, limited to a signed and numbered edition of 150 sells out in five days.

Thanks to a robust Dim Shores pre-sale and the launch party at Morbid Anatomy most of the copies were gone for New York Comic Con on October 6th. The last of the copies were sold at Comic Con.

Thank you to everyone who bought the book.

Thanks to the Dim Shores loyalists. I appreciate you giving my brand of strange fiction a try.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the launch at Morbid Anatomy. A special shout out to all the staff who were and are always so excellent, to Jason Sileo, and for everyone who came and bought a book. I had no idea turn out was going to be like that. The place was packed. We had a great time. Celebratory pizza (with hot-honey) was had after!


Tiger.-Yeti.-Dragon. cover image

Spring and Summer Fiction

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It has been a few months since I updated this site. Since then a few stories have been published. I’ll list them here, for now, then I’ll make a seperate post with information about each of them.

Tetsuya and the Ranagareet appeared in a Spring edition of the web zine Strange, Weird and Wonderful.

The Moon and the Mesa appeared in Midnight Echo Issue Number Four. A print and electronic publication of the Australian Horror Writer’s Association.

Music of the Spheres appeared in the print zine Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet Issue Number 25.

Emperor of Mist appeared in the print zine Kaleidetrope Issue Number Nine.

Mile Zero appeared in the print Zine Electric Velocipede.

Electric Velocipede #20 Cover

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Found this over at the EV blog. What a great cover. Although the issue has been delayed the blog reports that it is going to the printer shortly and thus the issue will be coming soon ! Also very pleased to be sharing a Table of Contents with Australian author Lyn Battersby.

Tetsuya and the Ranagareet at Strange, Weird, and Wonderful

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My short story Tetsuya and the Ranagareet is now live at a free e-zine called Strange, Weird, and Wonderful.

The short story is a dark, young adult tale I wrote quite some time ago.

I’ll post a synopsis and excerpt soon.

I noticed a typo in the TOC of the zine… so for now he is Tetsula and the Ranagareet…

I like the artwork for the story. I’m trying to figure out how to post it here.

Mile Zero upcoming in Electric Velocipede # 20

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My short story Mile Zero is coming very soon in the next issue of Electric Velocipede. Watch this space and EV’s website for when it is out.

Where the Wild Things Are

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Here are some images from the forthcoming Where the Wild Things Are Movie. I’m pleased with the designs and that the Wild Things appear to be costumed and textured and “real” as opposed to CGI, which even when it is good and state of the art, just never feels real. Here’s hoping this is done well and captures the feel and spirit of the book, unlike the blunderous treatment given to the Dr Suess live-action movies. I think my favorite image is the first one, the one where they are walking past the tree.