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Underworld Dreams coming Sept 15, 2020

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My third short story collection, Underworld Dreams is coming Sept 15, 2020 from Lethe Press.

It can be pre-ordered at a $ discount direct from the publisher.

Full title:                 Underworld Dreams
Author name           Daniel Braum
Publisher/Imprint     Lethe Press
Pub date                 Sept 15, 2020
Page count              276 pages
Price                       $19.00
ISBN                       978-1-59021-583-8




Underworld Dreams is Daniel Braum’s third short story collection of genre transcending, strange stories full of tension between the supernatural and psychological. Within the pages Braum’s multi-dimensional characters face dark underworlds and strange experiences that illuminate the human condition and world (we think) we know.


Advance Praise:


“These dark, genre-blended stories have the same seeming veracity as dreams (no matter what happens, you believe it). The writing is detailed and patient, the characters, original and compelling, and the stories unfold with a sense of strange wonder that leaves a reader in their spell. When you finish one, it’s only then you realize you’d been in the underworld, and it’s like waking from a nightmare.”

– Jeffrey Ford World Fantasy Award Winner


About the Book:


Take a journey through these dark underworlds and revel in strange experiences that illuminate the world you know. While you are there you might encounter…

Beautiful sharks seeking revenge on land. * A fur coat haunted by the ghosts of those who died for it. * A young rock and roller who is not careful what he wishes for * Unexpected soldiers in a supernatural war over an Australian concert hall * Strange beings sabotaging a subway tunnel that should not exist * A doppelganger born from the lightless depths of a coral reef on the continental shelf *

and many more strange stories full of tension between the supernatural and psychological.

Underworld Dreams is Daniel Braum’s third short story collection. Appearing in the volume for the first time is the original story “Between Our Earth and Their Moon” and the original novella, the title story, “Underworld Dreams (Sogni del Mundo Sotteraneo)” along with an introduction and story notes by the author.





DANIEL BRAUM is the New York based author of the short story collections Underworld Dreams (Lethe Press 2020), The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales (Cemetery Dance 2016), The Wish Mechanics:  Stories of the Strange and Fantastic (Independent Legions 2017) and the chapbook Yeti Tiger Dragon (Dim Shores 2016).


His first novel is The Serpent’s Shadow from Cemetery Dance (July 2019). He is the editor of the Spirits Unwrapped anthology from Lethe Press (October 2019) and the host and founder of the  Night Time Logic reading series in New York City. He can be found at

Underworld Dreams Cover