“In Love with the Dead”- Spirits Unwrapped. An in depth review at Notes from an Eclectic Reader

SPIRITS UNWRAPPED is a very diverse selection of stories both in the viewpoints the authors take toward their tales, their tone, and their writing styles. Some of the tales are told in a straight-forward manner. Some are more ambiguous. One story has enough purple prose and overwrought similes and metaphors (purposefully written or not) to have most mummies pulling their bandages off in frustration. As Braum states in his Introduction, the stories do not feature “a slow-moving figure, wrapped in frayed bandages, motivated by ancient curses and vengeance.” Thus, readers need to approach SPIRITS UNWRAPPED with an open mind or desire for something different or prepare to be disappointed. Based upon the reader’s tastes, there is bound to be something for everyone in SPIRITS UNWRAPPED with different stories being picked as favorites by various readers.

The full review can be read over at Notes from an Eclectic Reader.


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