This Is Horror reviews “The Serpent’s Shadow”

“Daniel Braum is no stranger to the genre, his stories have been featured in Cemetery Dance Magazine, Nightscript, as well as his own stand-out collections like Night Marchers and The Wish Mechanics. His latest effort, The Serpent’s Shadow, set in Cancun, Mexico in 1986, is the tale of a vacation which turns into a nightmare, scenic beauty masking an unimaginable horror which could end life as we know it—as well as another hidden killer—the White Lady. Much more than a horror story, it has a blend of adventure and mythology which will stir the reader’s imagination. Like the darting of a reptilian tongue, it is swift, it promises danger … and doesn’t disappoint. Daniel Braum’s description of landscapes paints the scene into the mind’s eye perfectly and weaves these settings into the web of the story and makes them just as important as any character…”

Book Review: The Serpent’s Shadow by Daniel Braum

ai Serpent 2019

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