Notes from an Eclectic Reader gives the first review of “The Serpent’s Shadow”

“As fine as his stories are, THE SERPENT’S SHADOW may very well be Daniel Braum’s best writing published to date. A short, fast, engaging read, the novella should not be missed by those who enjoy mystifying, fantastic fiction.”
– Dan Studer from Notes from an Eclectic Reader
Dan Studer delivers the first review of the Serpent’s Shadow over at Notes from an Eclectic Reader. Following his introduction is the link where you can surf on over to his review page for the full and SPOILER FREE review !

I have enjoyed (and previously reviewed) the two short story collections by author Daniel Braum: THE NIGHT MARCHERS AND OTHER STRANGE TALES (2016) and THE WISH MECHANICS: STORIES OF THE STRANGE AND FANTASTIC (2017) and have often wondered how Braum (pictured entering a cave system in Yucatán) would handle writing in a longer format. With the release of his new novella, THE SERPENT’S SHADOW (2019), I have my answer. Superbly written and filled with vivid images and uncanny events set in a modern-day Cancun, THE SERPENT’S SHADOW is as marvelous of a read as are the enigmatic Mayan ruins hidden in the jungle behind the luxury resort. Creativity and thrills abound in THE SERPENT’S SHADOW. For a complete review of this just released work, please see my book review page: Notes from an Eclectic Reader.

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