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Night Time Logic June 12, 2019

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On June 12, 2019 Jeff Ford was my guest at Night Time Logic a twice yearly reading and interview series I founded in 2015.

Please connect with our Facebook page or join our e mail list at ( weareforthedark at yahoo dot com ) to stay connected and be the first to learn of our next event and next guest! Thank you so much to everyone who helped promote the event by sharing on social media and word of mouth. I am a one man, small operation and all the help is vital, thank you. As always, thank you to KGB Bar for hosting us and supporting genre fiction !

Most of all, big thanks and much gratitude to Jeff Ford for sharing with us his stories behind the stories, his anti-intellectual approach, conversation about “the banal of the paranormal”, and his remarkable good cheer, immense talent, and one of a kind imagination. Thank you Jeff!

Jeff read from his short story “The Jeweled Wren” which is forthcoming in Echoes The Saga Anthology of Ghost Stories edited by Ellen Datlow. It was wonderful to have Ellen who has edited many of Jeff’s stories in attendance. A link to the book is below the photos.

One of the stories Jeff and I spoke about is called “Big Dark Hole” and it appeared in Conjunctions 71. I heard Jeff read it earlier in the week but I did not know where it appeared at the event. A link is below the photos.

The photos (that I did not snap are credited to) Barbara Kransnoff, Bill Shunn, David Rivera, Nick Kaufmann, and Karen Heuler.

We recorded the event and are looking for the best way to bring the audio (and some past NTL events) to you. Watch this space for news.

Thank you to the room full of Jeff’s fans, family, friends new and old, and collegages who packed KGB Bar. The room was so crowded we had a half dozen people sitting at the interview table with us. Everyone was delightful and spirits were high. Thanks for making it a great night all around !


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My first novel. Coming soon from Cemetery Dance.

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Here’s a clip from my Facebook author page from May 6, 2019 on the subject:

I’ve been given the green light to announce that my first novel is coming very soon from Cemetery Dance Ebooks with print edition to follow from Cemetery Dance.

I have a lot of gratitude to share. Today it is directed towards editor Norman Prentiss. His guidance made the book a better book and taught me much about writing horror.

The title, cover reveal, and ordering information are coming soon.

Three years ago today, on May 6, 2019 , my first book The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales debuted with Cemetery Dance EBooks which was also acquired and edited by Norman. I will always be grateful to him, Richard Chizmar, Brian Freeman and the entire Cemetery Dance team.

Spirits Unwrapped Anthology

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Spirits Unwrapped is an anthology of mummy stories from around the world I edited for Lethe Press. It is coming October 1st 2019 but is now open for pre-orders.

This in-progress cover image shows the authors, ranging from talented new-comers to award winning veterans, that I had the good fortune to work with on this project. Thank you to Steve Berman publisher of Lethe Press and to all the talented authors.

Visit Lethe Press to pre-order. Visit the facebook page to stay connected with interviews, news and content coming in the weeks before the launch date.