“The World Works in Strange Ways” A Review of the Night Marchers from Notes from an Eclectic Reader

“…Braum’s stories are atypical in that there is hardly any traditional horror trope utilized: no gore, blood or spilled guts; violence and sexuality is generally described in subtle tones. His is “quiet” horror which is not to imply that Braum’s stories aren’t unsettling. It is the fantastical and highly original images Braum carefully crafts in his stories which seizes and holds the reader’s attention and imagination. What also makes Braum’s stories engaging is the restrained but ever-present throb beneath his various enigmatic fantasies of a pulsing tenderness and care for humanity. Readers are bound to enjoy all the tales in The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales as there isn’t a weak story among them…”

You can read the full review by Dan Studer over at Notes From An Eclectic Reader


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