Night Time Logic April 24, 2018 Photos

Photos from Night Time Logic.

On April 24, 2018 at KGB Bar I hosted A Night of New Voices in Weird Fiction.

Farah Rose Smith and Gwendolyn Kiste read from their work and discussed their fiction and a range of topics about horror and weird fiction. I have audio from the evening that I hope to be able to share before long.  Watch this space for news. And news about where the audio from the April 2017 event with Peter Straub is coming to!

The discussion with Gwendolyn and Farah has me thinking about many things. One thought to share here is how the three of us approach / discussed weird fiction. I realized I was coming at the topic with “structure” in mind. Farah talked about atmosphere and Gwendolyn mentioned internal worlds. More about this another place and another time but for now thanks to everyone who came out, to KGB Bar for hosting us, and to Gwnedolyn and Farah for their stellar performances of their stories and for sharing their insights and wisdom with me and the series. Thank you!

I’ve forgotten to add a photo of the questionnaire Gwendolyn prepared to go along with her story. “Ten Things to Know About the Ten Questions” which I hope to remedy with an update soon.


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