October 2016 Appearance in Haverhill, MA library event.

On October 22, 2016 I participated in a great library event run by author Christopher Golden in Haverhill, MA.October was a very busy month of appearances.

Thanks to author Tony Tremblay for the first photo !

I was delighted to spend some time with talented authors and just fantastic people such as Douglass Wynn, Bracken MacCloud, and Craig Shaw Gardner. Thanks to them and to John MacLevin, James Moore and the entire roster for making a New Yorker feel welcome at the event.

I participated in a panel discussion moderated by Bracken MacCloud on the subject of modern monsters. I’m not pictured in the photo as I am taking it. It was an excellent and insightful discussion with creators Josh Malerman, Izzy Lee, Rio Yours, Bracken MacCloud and myself. I knew the panel was going to be great when the first question dealt with my recent favorite movie, It Follows. The event and all the panels were very well attended.

My friend, author Rudi Dornemann presented me with a Godzilla gift as a belated present for the launch of the Night Marchers !

hh 2016 3HH 2016 33hh 2016 godzillahh 2016 panelitfollowsquad720

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