Morbid Anatomy Halloween 2016

Picture 1. (second from bottom)  Life without Morbid Anatomy Museum.

Picture 2. (bottom )  Life with Morbid Anatomy Museum.

October 2016. I participated in a reading of local horror writers in author Tonya Hurley’s annual event .

I was lucky enough to hear horror legend Jack Ketchum read along with Tonya Hurley, Lisa Manetti and others !

I read my short story Red Lights from my forthcoming collection The Wish Mechanics Stories of the Strange and Fantastic due out in 2017 from Independent Legions publishing.

I gave permission for a writing organization to use the video of my reading as part of a promotional video they are creating about the night. I will update when I hear anything further about the video and audio of that performance.

This post is updated to reflect that Morbid Anatomy has closed its doors. I was there at the tail end of the Krampus party when the sign was posted in the window and there when the board members were packing up. Morbid Anatomy was a central hub for so many great communities that I was grateful to have been introduced to. Thank you and RIP. Awaiting news of the resurrection.

I posted what photos I had. A lot of photos were taken that night but none of me reading. These are much more interesting !MA H 2016 1MA H 2016 2MA h 2016 3MA HH 6 2016MA HH 2016 4MA HH 2016 5


morbid anatomy 2016 halloweenmorbid anatomy halloween part two 2016

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