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Photos from Yeti Tiger Dragon launch at Morbid Anatomy

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I don’t have many photos from the night. I’m very happy to have this one with artist Emily Mintz. Emily did the cover art and the three interior illustrations for the book. I purchased three wonderful prints she made of the interior illustrations.

I posted the images of the promotional materials for the event. And of Yeti Tiger Dragon… kitty.

If you have any other photos from the night please send them to me or post / share them on Facebook or Twitter. The night was very busy and the month after was very busy so these are the only images I have.

dan emily at MA 2016

Appearance at New York Comic Con 2016

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I signed copies of The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales at the Javitz Center for New York Comic Con 2016.

A local writing organization had a table spot for me for two short, designated time slots. The booth was crowded and chaotic but it was worth it for the opportunity to get to talk to fans of pop-culture and fiction. This happened the afternoon right after the Yeti Tiger Dragon launch. It was a great thing to meet people who had picked up both Yeti Tiger Dragon and the Night Marchers from the Museum.

Jason Sileo and I took in some of the Comic Con fun that weekend. We also spread the word about the Cemetery Dance E Book edition of the Night Marchers by handing out cards and talking to fans of horror and strange fiction.

I wanted to collect a whole album of No-Face photos !

Jason and I capped off the weekend by catching a great concert by the band Warpaint. There we encountered the void-twin of one of our well known author friends. We haven’t had the guts to tell him about said encounter. Maybe it was really him or her at Warpaint. Maybe a double from beyond…

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Yeti Tiger Dragon sells out in five days.

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October 10, 2016.

Yeti Tiger Dragon, limited to a signed and numbered edition of 150 sells out in five days.

Thanks to a robust Dim Shores pre-sale and the launch party at Morbid Anatomy most of the copies were gone for New York Comic Con on October 6th. The last of the copies were sold at Comic Con.

Thank you to everyone who bought the book.

Thanks to the Dim Shores loyalists. I appreciate you giving my brand of strange fiction a try.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the launch at Morbid Anatomy. A special shout out to all the staff who were and are always so excellent, to Jason Sileo, and for everyone who came and bought a book. I had no idea turn out was going to be like that. The place was packed. We had a great time. Celebratory pizza (with hot-honey) was had after!


Tiger.-Yeti.-Dragon. cover image