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Shotgun Logic and Night Time Logic

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Shane D Keene of Shotgun logic invited me to write a guest post for his blog Shotgun Logic which recently celebrated it’s first anniversary. I wrote about pancakes, Kelly Link, Robert Aickman and Night Time Logic. Here is a link:

June 15th at KGB Fantastic Fiction with Marc Laidlaw ( link to Ellen Datlow’s photos )

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On June 15, 2016 I read with Marc Laidlaw at the Fantastic Fiction reading series at New York’s KGB Bar.

Hosts Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel made me feel at home. Thank you for having me. I am often an audience member at this series so it was wonderful to be on the other side of the podium.

I was fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with author Marc Laidlaw. Marc is not only a talented visionary author he is a hell of a great guy. Marc generously shared stories of his work, tales of some of our favorite authors, gave me sage advice, and shared his thoughts of the moment on his explorations of writing as we hunted down great pizza and coffee. We did find the treasure trove of slippery elm lozenges.

Marc and I both read new stories. Marc’s story can be found at Nightmare Magazine. I’m going to update this with several links and photos but for now enjoy the link to Ellen Datlow’s photos.

Daniel Braum and Marc Laidlaw



Glowing review of The Night Marchers over at This Is Horror

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Here are some of my favorite bits and pieces. Please surf on over, read the review, and be sure to support This Is Horror. Thank you to Shane D Keene for reading the book and for his kind words and support.

“When you start reading The Night Marchers, it’s readily apparent that you’ve discovered something special, possibly even transcendent. The stories are sometimes sad, always haunting, and written with a style that is extremely accessible and easy to read, yet never simplistic, presenting you with layers of complexity, multi-dimensional themes, and some of the most memorable character voices you’re likely to encounter in a collection of short stories…”

“…there is a demonstration of Daniel’s unflinching willingness to take on sensitive issues, drawing our attention to white oppression and the slaughter of America’s indigenous peoples in the process of settling the United States:

“At Wounded Knee, hundreds were slaughtered by American soldiers when they refused to stop dancing the Ghost Dance. The dance itself would not bring back the buffalo and herald the downfall of the invaders, like they claimed, neither then nor now. So why the Bureau-wide alert? Why all the fear?”

He takes on subjects like this all through the collection, doing so in a way that adds dimension and flavor to his stories without ever becoming judgmental or preachy.”

“One of the brightest young stars in the firmament of dark speculative fiction, Daniel Braum is among the best short story writers we’ve encountered, an author who marches to the beat of his own drum, whether that drum is that of a master jazz musician or a Native American war drum…”

Book Review: The Night Marchers By Daniel Braum