Let The Dark Ones in April 8th 2016 in NYC

On April 8th 2016 I had the pleasure of reading at this event at NYC’s KGB Bar with Five Grey Matter Press Authors.

Congratulations to author John C Foster on the release of Mister White. It was great to read with these talented authors and to spend time with many in New York’s fiction community.

The following is from the Grey Matter Press newsletter.


A group of five Grey Matter Press authors took New York’s KGB Bar by storm last evening to herald the arrival of John C. Foster’s new dark thriller MISTER WHITE. The Dark Five, as the authors call themselves, include Foster, Shawn Macomber, Daniel Braum, T. Fox Dunham and J. Daniel Stone

The group packed the KGB literary room with fans of dark fiction who were hosted to an evening of live readings to launch Foster’s genre-shattering new supernatural thriller. The “What Are You Afraid of? Podcast” was on hand to cover the event from start to finish and will be featuring excerpts from the Let the Dark Ones In event on upcoming episodes.

The five talented authors whose work has been published in a variety of Grey Matter Press books read from their work during the two-hour event on Manhattan’s Lower East Side at the venue that has become legendary for its support of literary fiction.


Mister White

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