Jellyfish Moon in Cemetery Dance Magazine #67

My short story Jellyfish Moon appears in Issue #67 of Cemetery Dance Magazine with a cover date of August 2012. I just checked the Cemetery Dance Magazine shop on their website and noticed that the issue is sold out. I have some copies of the magazine that I take with me to events, readings, and signings. So if you are a collector or just looking for the story and can not find it please feel free to get in touch. I will be bringing a few copies to a reading and signing planned for later in 2015 and should have some available at the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga. Also I plan on making an announcement sometime this year about where you will be able to find the story again.

Jellyfish Moon appears in Cemetery Dance Magazine Issue #67

Jellyfish Moon appears in Cemetery Dance Magazine Issue #67

Two of my stories appear in previous issues of Cemetery Dance. The Green Man of Punta Cabre in Issue #71 and Across the Darien Gap in Issue #54. I am grateful to Richard, Brian, Norman and the entire Cemetery Dance team.

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