Kelly Link at the Pen Parentis Salon

Did you make your zombie contingency plans? I did. It involves going to the Andaz Hotel to hear Kelly Link read at the Pen Parentis Literary Salon. Pen Parentis is the brainchild of noted author MM Devoe and features top authors reading their working and sometimes even talking about the trials and triumphs of parenting. For those of you new to the world of night time logic Kelly Link is an American author of short stories who was called a national treasure by Neil Gaiman. And that is an understatement. Go right now to the website podcastle and hear a free audio version of her story Some Zombie Contingency Plans. Or go look up the article Night Time Logic in a recent issue of the Wall Street Journal. What a treat you have in store for you. I also enjoyed hearing Marly Youmans read and meeting Lev Grossman.

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