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Get in Trouble with Kelly Link

Posted in Stories I like on February 12, 2015 by bloodandstardust

Get in Trouble is the new collection of short stories by Kelly Link. Run do not walk to get your hands on your copy. Keep a reserve stash on hand for gifts and an easy way to spread joy and literary enlightenment. I had the opportunity to hear Kelly and Emma Straub have a lively discussion about life, literature, and music. Just listening to Kelly talk about writing and books makes on a better writer. There was a special surprise. One of my favorite authors was in attendance in the audience. Let’s just say I wish I had a Talisman from this event. Or a Black House to keep it in. Or a better Ghost Story to tell you about how great it is to talk about Robert Aickman with this author. Those were some painfully bad sentences just there. Will have to come up with a tag catagory in warning next time. Until then go read some Kelly Link and make your Zombie Contingency Plans.