Midnight Echo Table of Contents

( From the AHWA website -http://www.australianhorror.com/index.php?view=185

From editor Lee Battersby:

The decisions have been made. The editing has been carried out. The human cattle have been coralled. Finally, finally, I can announce the line-up for Midnight Echo #4, and oooh, there’s some creepy and disturbing little monkeys crawling amongst the ruins of this one. This April, you will be reading the following stories:

Cromwell’s Beast– Steven J. Stegbar
Carnal Knowledge– Don Norum
The Moon & The Mesa– Dan Braum
Sleeping Dogs– Geoffrey Maloney & Andrew Baker
The Hand of God– Jason Crowe
Where We Go To Be Made Lighter– Chris Green
Tiny Drops– LL Hannett
Little Boy Lost– Patty Jansen
In The Walls– Philip Roberts
Visiting– Richard Barber
The Movie– Graham Fielding
Poison Or The Knife– BL Hobson
As well as the following poems:

Rabbit– Holly Day
Mirror– Jenny Blackford
The Fat Aftermath– Jude Aqulinia
Midnight Echo #4 will be available in April…

ME4 is available in two formats:

PDF = AU$3.50

PRINT = AU$14 (+ postage)

Contact midnightecho@australianhorror.com for more information.

About the editor: Lee Battersby fancies he knows a thing or two about the horror short story, having won 2 Australian shadows Awards and the Aurealis Award for Best Horror short. An inhabitant of Mandurah, Western Australia, he suffers endless days of sunshine, relaxation and beautiful surroundings with only the aid of his wiofe Lyn, three bizarre children, and a habit of writing nasty things in story form to help him through. A collection, entitled “Through Soft Air” has seen light via the gold-paved road to Hell provided by Prime Books, and he gives regular vent to his spleen at The Battersblog, his blog (http://battersblog.blogspot.com/). As for his designs regarding issue 4, he says “The days of creeping tentacles of doom is over. Leave your Cthulhuian wannabes under the bed where they belong, and horrify me with the only thing that is truly terrifying– human nature. If you must force a monster upon me, let me recognise something in its eyes.”

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