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Mile Zero upcoming in Electric Velocipede # 20

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My short story Mile Zero is coming very soon in the next issue of Electric Velocipede. Watch this space and EV’s website for when it is out.

Midnight Echo from Down Under

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Watch this space for news about Midnight Echo #4. Midnight Echo is the publication of the Australian Horror Association. Follow the link for some tidbits about upcoming announcements I can’t wait to share with you…


Happy Darwin Day with The Tangled Bank

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Author / Editor Chris Lynch has launched an anthology of speculative fiction based on evolution in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. I think it is a great idea for an anthology and features an exciting variety of authors. Surf on over and have a peek.

Escape From New York ?

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Interesting news about an Escape from New York reboot. My first instinct on this is… why? After reading the article I’m still very skeptical but my question is who will play the Duke of New York?

Me. February 2010

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Daniel Braum February 2010