Half Man. Half Writer. Half Unicorn?

My guest blog- Naked in the Magic Chocolate River up at the Battersblog. http://battersblog.blogspot.com/

Lee Battersby was our week two tutor at Clarion South 2007. My world, meet  Lee Battersby. Lee Battersby, meet my world. Lee’s fiction has appeared in literaly every Australian spec-fic publication and with a recent appearance in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror he is poised to appear everywhere else ! ( That is if we can get him to stop his addiction to writing Ridley Scott’s Legend fan-fiction and other unicorn tales.)

From the start Lee was an incredibly motivated tutor. He brought us music. Writing exercises and articles. And cool gift bags with stuff designed to inspire. Mine had an awesome photo of a skull filled tomb ! Lee’s critiques were not only filled with tools of the craft, his crits were personal. He gave his personal opinion. He went out on a limb. And he meant it. He believed in our class and inspired our class to believe in ourselves. The power of belief is no small task and I credit Lee for this gift. Two years on he is still in close touch with us and still believing and still giving. Such as this opportunity to share his blog for which I am grateful.

3 Responses to “Half Man. Half Writer. Half Unicorn?”

  1. He went out on a limb

    And sat there, merrily whistling as he sawed through it, closer to the trunk….

    Thanks for the rap, Dan. I had an amazing time at Clarion, and am as distraught as anyone that we don’t find a way to get together again: of course, I’d be tagging along as Mr Lyn :)))))

  2. World Con 2010 here we come…

  3. Ahhh, if only, if only. Unfortunately: not.

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