The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales. 2016 Reviews with links.

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Here are the reviews received for The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales in 2016.

If you have a review copy please feel free to write a review they are always welcome. Reviewers and readers are welcome to post a reader review on Amazon as well.

Review are posted here in reverse chronological order


“In looking for the perfect word to describe the work in this volume, I decided upon divergent, defined by Merriam-Webster as “differing from each other or from a standard.”  It’s true, these tales are unlike anything thing else I’m reading today. Bold, adventurous, strange, and totally enjoyable.”

-Frank Michaels Errington / Reviewer for Cemetery Dance


“Braum’s collection flirts with horror and weird fiction for sure, but there is something else going on here that almost makes the stories defy categorization.

The stories themselves often have a very dream-like  quality to them and one aspect of the writing that I particularly enjoyed was the choice of location within the stories.”

-Adrian Shotbolt / The Grim Reader

Book review: The Night Marchers – Daniel Braum


“For readers: this is the kind of book that will bring new mysteries into your life and make you question the fabric of reality. You’ll likely come back to it multiple times and find new meanings in certain passages and discover new phrases that resonate with you each time.

The stories in this collection do not fit conveniently into a neat box. The Night Marchers is full of sadness, beauty, and unprecedented wonder. Two cups of literary dark fiction, a heaping scoop of magical realism and urban fantasy, a tablespoon of horror. Yet, these genres only scratch the surface of what Braum seeks to accomplish. All of the tales are so equally strong that it is truly difficult to choose any standouts. A song that lasts forever, crocodile gods desperately swimming through a sea of jellyfish and charging a populated beach, a man who finds sensuality and solace in arson, phantasmal fish that want to return to the deep, a cat-faced demon killer, a mummified body that spawns mighty crops, giant sphinxes that lackadaisically stroll the earth.

Braum tackles racial issues without being heavy handed, and he also appears enamored with writing about exotic lands. Most of these stories take place outside of America in places I have never been and will likely never go. Braum has either done a lot of traveling or some really extensive research (or both), because these faraway places and their respective cultures feel fully realized, as do the characters.”

-Chad Stroup / Subvertbia


“Braum has a knack for describing the indescribable in extraordinarily accessible language. No mean feat when one is relating stories of extra-dimensional creatures and ancient, pissed-off gods. The plight of the underrepresented features prominently in a number of stories, like the title story (conquered gods of Hawaii,)”

-Theresa DeLucci


The other review is from This is Horror and is posted back in the June 2016 archives.



The Wish Mechanics and the Night Marchers at Indie Author Day, October 14, 2017.

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On October 14, 2017 I appeared at Indie Author Day at the Bellmore Memorial Library in Bellmore New York.

I spoke with new and aspiring authors about my experiences in publishing and appeared on a panel with the same purpose.

Palankar in Nightscript 3

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My short story Palankar was published in the anthology Nightscript Volume 3 on October 1, 2017

More about the story and the book to follow.

Tetsuya and the Ranagareet. Reading with Ben Francisco at Lovecraft NYC. Sept 25, 2017

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Ben Francisco and I celebrated the kick off of the Halloween season with our event at Lovecraft Bar NYC Weird Wishes and Strange Ghosts.

Ben and I spoke about the appeal of the ghost story and our unique approaches to it.

I started the evening off by reading Tetsuya and the Ranagareet, one of my oldest short stories, which currently appears in THE WISH MECHANICS.

Ben read one of my favorite short stories Tio Gilberto and the 27 Ghosts which first appeared in Realms of Fantasy.

I hope to post photos and the audio in the future.

It was a wonderful night with many friends in attendance.



Appearance at the Oddities Market in Smithtown, NY. Sept 23, 2017

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I had a great time meeting readers and introducing my work to new ones at this event.

All sorts of interesting vendors gathered at this historic barn on a beautiful September day. It was nice to see a lot of my books and work displayed together.

Weird Wishes. An essay appearing at Shotgun Logic

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My essay “Weird Wishes” appears on the Shotgun Logic site.

The essay chronicles the creation of the Night Marchers and the Wish Mechanics and discusses the setting element of fiction in the context of some of my favorite short stories.

Weird Wishes: An Essay Series by Daniel Braum

The essay is the first in a series that will run over the next few years.

Palankar at Strange Words. HiFi Bar August 28, 2017

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I read from my short story Palankar at the Strange Words event at NYC’s Hi Fi bar.

The event celebrated the release of Shirley Jackson award nominated author Karen Hueler’s new novel. Shirley Jackson award winning author Carrie Laben also read from her work. The three of us took questions from the audience and had a discussion of strange fiction and the environmental themes in our work. I’m looking forward to continuing the discussion with the hopes to record it.

Palankar (now) appears in the Nightscript 3 anthology which was released on October 1, 2017.

An American Ghost in Zurich on WBAI New York’s Hour of the Wolf radio program. August 23, 2017

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On August 23, 2017  I was host Jim Freund’s guest on the long running science fiction radio program the Hour of the Wolf.

I read An American Ghost in Zurich which most recently appears in The Wish Mechanics.


Here is the link to the archive. You can listen free or download the program here:

I will post some photos and my brief thoughts on the night shortly.